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Amazon Cruises and Rainforest Tours in Peru


A cruise aboard a comfortable riverboat may be the most enjoyable way to explore the Amazon region. You will experience "timeless" travel on the worlds' largest river and observe the diverse flora and fauna of the rainforest.

A GreenTracks Amazon Cruise is a great wildlife riverboat adventure trip into remote rainforest regions. These cruises will take you on an exploration of some of the upper tributaries of the mysterious Amazon River. You may travel to the largest eco-reserve in Peru, the Pacaya-Samira Reserve, or to the isolated regions of the Rio Tapiche or Rio Tigre. The boats can comfortably carry 8 - 20 passengers. The cruise boat features air conditioned cabins, an air conditioned dining room, a bar, and plenty of lounging area on the decks.

Even though these are technically Amazon River Cruises, you won't be stuck on the cruise vessel. As we explore the Amazon River, you'll be able to take off-boat excursions, such as hikes through the rainforest, piranha fishing trips, and small boat trips up some of the smaller rivers. Our expert guides will gladly give detailed explanations of all that you see, including the rich flora and numerous species of captivating wildlife. There are hundreds of rare and endangered species of animals that inhabit the Amazon.

One of the highlights of the GreenTracks Amazon cruise is the chance to visit several riverside villages and meet some of the true natives of the Amazon.

These Amazon cruises offer you experiences of both the people and nature along your route. Activities include a piranha fishing expedition and guided visits to meet the welcoming peoples in riverside villages. Our cruise expedition is packed full of Amazonian nature and culture, and our experts will make the trip a safe and unforgettable experience you'll remember for years to come!

Spend your days hiking through the rainforest, exploring by small boat, viewing wildlife, fishing for piranha, relaxing in comfort on the upper deck, all while surrounded by sights and sounds most people have only imagined. Experience up close the cry of colorful tropical birds, the lush smell of the rainforest, countless flowers, towering trees, pink dolphins playing alongside your boat, incredible reptiles and amphibians, iridescent butterflies, and captivating monkeys. This is the unforgettable magnificence of an Amazon cruise.

This is your best opportunity to see the magic of the rainforest and the Amazon River with a company that is known world-wide for it's intimate knowledge of this exotic land. You have our assurance that you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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Historical Amazon Riverboats

Antique bellSteam boats were the heart of the rubber boom, transporting hundreds of millions of dollars of rubber balls from far reaches of the forest to cities, such as Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon. This rich history was portrayed in the classic film “Fitzcarraldo” by Werner Herzog. The Ayapua is fully restored to its rubber boom splendour, and its ambience recalls the elegance and opulence of times past. The Victorian details reflected against the tropical forests highlight the harmony of steam navigation in the Amazon. Sailing on the Ayapua or Clavero riverboats through the blue mist of a moonlit Amazonian night makes one realise that every day life is just an illusion behind which lies the reality of dreams.



Amazon Cruise Options


Delfin Amazon Cruises - 4 & 5 Day Programs

Cruise the Amazon in upscale comfort aboard either the Delfin I or the Delfin II. These elegantly appointed riverboats provide first-class service and visit the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Excursions to view wildlife, hike in the forest and visit a riverside village. The best alternative for those wishing to explore the Amazon from an up-scale riverboat or who can not devote a week as with our 7 day program.
MORE INFORMATION on the Delfin Amazon Cruises

Delfin II Amazon Riverboat Delfin 2


GreenTracks Amazon Wildlife Adventure Cruise - 7 Day / 6 Night


If you want a more intimate experience of the Amazon and deeper insights about the land, the cultures and the animals, our 7 Day Amazon Wildlife Adventure Cruise is the one for you.

What sets these Amazon Cruises apart? Firstly, this is a wildlife cruise designed and operated by experts: Prominent Zoologists with years of experience studying Amazon wildlife in this very location. The Ayapua and Clavero riverboats travel into Peru's Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. On the GreenTracks Amazon Riverboat Wildlife Cruise deep into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve you will see more wildlife and experience the "real" Amazon.

Frequent opportunities to hike in the forest by both day and night will enable you to see exciting wildlife and astounding plant life. There are small boat excursions early morning for bird and monkey watching, and also after dark to spot caiman, whose glowing eyes blaze orange by flashlight. The food is excellent and everyone enjoys the unforgettable pleasures of Peruvian hospitality.
MORE INFORMATION on the Amazon Wildlife Adventure Cruise

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Activities on a GreenTracks Amazon Riverboat Wildlife Cruise

  • Excursions in small boats to see birds, monkeys and other wildlife,
    either in the early morning prior to breakfast, or else late afternoon.
  • Visits to riverside villages to observe local life and customs.
  • Fishing trips to catch piranhas and other tropical delicacies.
  • And this is one of the most enjoyable of all activities: going up on deck
    to watch scenery and wildlife as we slowly ascend or descend a jungle tributary. Great for photos and exciting times!
  • Day hikes in the rainforest; these usually occur in the mornings, just
    before or just after breakfast. Option for early return is available to all,
    and the walking is neither long nor strenuous.
  • Night hikes in the rainforest; this is perhaps the most fun of all!
    Basically, night hikes are like day hikes except we move slowly, cover
    much shorter distances, and use our flashlights. This offers the chance
    to see all manner of interesting, bizarre, and beautiful creatures from
    sleeping butterflies to owl monkeys to katydids. Option for early
    return is always available.
  • Night trips in small boats. We make runs up forested streams looking
    for spectacular night birds such as owls and potoos, as well as sleeping
    kingfishers, caiman spotting, etc. Always good for funny photos!
  • Photography sessions. For those who want attractive closeup shots of some of the rain forest's stranger creatures, we assist in this.
  • Birding; this is an activity that one can indulge in at any time, as birding
    directly from our boat is often quite productive, as it is on smaller boats
    or during hikes.
  • Check-listing; lots of folks enjoy keeping a list of all the creatures they
    see during one of these trips, so our guide will meet regularly with those
    who wish to do this and they can keep a running tally.
  • Bar; this is the social hub, a place where folks can talk things over while
    enjoying their favorite libation, with occasional interruptions
    when macaws fly over the boat.



Amazon Cruise and Machu Picchu Combination Package

Machu PicchuVisit the two most desirable destinations in Peru... The Amazon River and Machu Picchu.

The Classic Peru tour featuring an Amazon Cruise and Machu Picchu. Travel on a comfortable historic Amazon riverboat to the famous Pacaya Samiria National Reserve for one of the best wildlife and Amazon experiences available and then visit Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.
MORE INFORMATION on the Combination Amazon Cruise and Machu Picchu tours






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